Redwood Castle Update

Redwood Castle is a problem for us. I have been in touch with Caliosa Egan and await her call to give us the go ahead to visit the Castle. However, she has not done so and all we can conclude is that she is not interested in a visit from us.


However, there is nothing to stop you from driving down to the castle with some others who are also interested and looking on the Castle from the outside. I have advised the bus company, who have buses of different sizes, that a group might be interested in such a trip and that I will notify them when I know how many would like to make the trip. The best day would be the Saturday.


Perhaps this trip could pay a visit the first Egan headstone at Fuerty . (He died in 865AD)


Kindest Regards,

Michael JS




If anyone is interested in visit the Castle please let Michael know.


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