Clan Egan Rally 2016

Clan Egan Rally 2016 Programme of Events     Day & Date Time Activity Notes Sunday June 26th Any Participants arrive at Ashling Hotel (AH) or other Assembly day. Nothing organized. Local walks to Phoenix Park or Croppies Acre Monday June 27th 07:00 – 09:30 Breakfast, Registration     10:00 Assemble at AH for Rally […]

Clann Special Issue

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Clann Special Edition

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Redwood Castle Update

Redwood Castle is a problem for us. I have been in touch with Caliosa Egan and await her call to give us the go ahead to visit the Castle. However, she has not done so and all we can conclude is that she is not interested in a visit from us.   However, there is […]

Last weekend for Exclusive reservations at The Ashling Hotel

Hello everyone.   This will be the last weekend to get priority reservations at The Ashling hotel for the 2016 Rally. So far approximately 100 people plan to attend. Keep in mind that since this is the 100th anniversary of 1916 rising accommodations may become harder to find the closer to the Rally date we get. There should be […]

2014 rally group pictures

There is just a little over 4 months left until the 2016 rally so here are some group pictures from the 2014 rally in California.     For any past updates visit

Rally 2016 Itinerary

Here is the latest Itinerary for the 2016 Clan Egan Rally Rally Itinerary The venues, apart from an optional visit to Redwood Castle, are now close to final. Details of registration, banquet and transport costs may follow. Numbers in () refer to descriptions to be provided in the Rally Packs. Sunday 26 June 2016 • […]

Clan Egan – Clans of Ireland Certification

Here is the 2016 Clans of Ireland Certification.   COI Membership Cert. Egan Clan 2016

Charles Egan’s Book

Charles Egan, a member of Clan Egan who now lives in Ireland, has written two novels about the Irish Famine of the mid 1800s based on papers received from his father who was raised on a small farm in County Mayo in the West of Ireland. His first book, the “Killing Snows” was published in […]

Clan Egan Christmas Card 2015

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