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Clan Egan Newsletters

Thanks to the efforts of all the Clan writers through the years, we are able to present to you the library of the Clan Egan newsletters.

Summer 2014 and 2014 Rally
  2014 Summer News

Fall 2013 Newsletter and Rally 2014 update
  2013 Fall News

  2012 Summer News

RALLY 2012: 2012 Newsletter

  2012 Fall News

RALLY 2012: 2012 Newsletter

  2011 December News

RALLY 2012: Join your kinfolks from Ireland, Australia, Canada, the United States and other parts unknown to share an historic Egan journey through Ireland's beautiful highways and byways. The 2012 Rally will be lead by our Chief, Mac Aodhagáin Michael J. S. Egan. We will visit many historical Egan sites not reached on prior Rallies. It is now time for you to be booking your travel arrangements as described herein.

The planned Egan Rally will begin at Bunratty in County Claire on the West Coast of Ireland, near Shannon Airport. In the evening of Sunday, June 24, there will be an informal gathering for libation and food. On Monday, June 25, we will register and then proceed by bus to the Killarney Lakes area and the market town of Macroom on the River Sullane - once a meeting place for the Druids of Munster from whom it is rumored that Egans descended - and where Brian Boru won a significant battle as a result of which he was named King of Munster.....

  2011 August News

RALLY 2012: The next Clan Egan Ireland Rally 2012 will be held from 25 June – 1 July 2012. This is a few days longer than usual. The 2012 Clan Rally is planned as a full week of activities starting and finishing in Bunratty, Co. Clare on the West coast. Participants should plan to arrive and stay in Bunratty on the 24th June (the closest airport is Shannon).

The Rally 2012 itinerary has letters placed on the various locations... Then there is a map for each day's trip with the letters in the locations corresponding to the itinerary as best I can tell. Finally there is an overall map. A table in the modified itinerary identifies the letters on the latter with the letters listed for each day.

It is time for all of us to be making our travel plans and advising us how many in your party will be coming so that plans can be made in Ireland. This will be a super Rally that all of you should attend.

2009 September News

RALLY 2010: Attached is the fall 2009 issue of the Clan Egan Newsletter. This issue describes, among other things, the Clan Egan Egan Rally to be held in Hobart, Tasmania in 2010. The Rally dates are Wednesday, June 30, through Sunday, July 4, 2010, but you will want to plan to stay longer in the area given the travel distance. You can fly into Hobart directly from Melbourne or Sydney. This will be in once in a lifetime adventure. I encourage all of you to join us..

We owe particular thanks to Kerry and David Edwards for undertaking to host us in Tasmania, and to Jackie Egan for putting together this excellent Newsletter.

2009 January News

RALLY 2010: Judging by the responses so far, many of us will be attending the Rally next year in Hobart. It would be an ideal time to arrange your own family reunions - there is always plenty of time for chatting and catching up during the various events, so plan now to join us and make it the best Rally yet!...

2008 Clan Rally Issue

JUNE 25-29: The Clan Egan Rally in Ireland has come and gone, but the memories remain. During the Chapter meetings at the conclusion of the Rally there were a number of matters discussed that are worthy of your focus, including the DNA Project...

2007 4Q NEWS
2007 Fall News

Egan Rally 2008 begins June 25th: Make your plans soon to attend the Clan Egan Rally, as the agenda promises to be an exciting one. Not only do you have a wonderful opportunity to enjoy all the camaraderie of your fellow Egans, but you will also have a tremendous opportunity to explore Ireland.

2006 Rally

JULY 11-13: Members of the Clan all had a wonderful, albeit, hot time in Dallas. As we all learned, one of the reasons that Texas became a more populated state, as time went on, was the invention of air conditioning. Our tour, arranged by USA President Byron Egan...

2006 Australia

Texas Rally 2006: Currently there are 10 confirmed to attend the rally from Australia. Greg gave a very interesting presentation about the Clan and its work to approximately 50 members of the Irish Ancestry Group at the Genealogical Society of Victoria in March. Amongst the audience there were...

2004 Rally

JUNE 24-27: The Clan Egan Rally 2004 in Ireland was a great success! Over 100 people took part in various segments of the Rally, which started in Dublin on June 24 and concluded on June 27 at Redwood Castle in County Tipperary near the Shannon River, which was first occupied by Egans in 1350. In addition to exploring our Irish heritage...

2004 1Q News

Egan Rally 2004 begins June 24th: Our next Clan Egan Rally will be June 24-27, 2004 in Ireland. This will be a seminal event to follow the successes of our Rallies held in 2000 in Ireland and in 2002 in Australia. Our Chief Michael J.S. Egan has developed exciting plans for the Rally that will include...

2002 Rally

JULY 3-7: Egans from all over the world gathered in Melbourne and took charter bus trips to a variety of areas in the State of Victoria that gave us a sense of its flora, fauna and terrain. During these adventures and at social gatherings and chapter meetings, we got to...

2002 1Q

Egan Rally 2002 begins July 3rd: While the 2002 Rally will be based in Melbourne Victoria, we will travel through the Victorian Goldfields seeing older townships, gold diggings and the historic city of Bendigo. Later we will visit the...

2000 Rally

JUNE 29-2 JULY: Approximately 180 people took part in various segments of the Rally, which was centered near Redwood Castle in County Tipperary, lying North of the Birr-Portumna Road (T-41). In addition to exploring our Irish heritage through visits to interesting...

1999 Newsletter

JUNE 29-2 JULY, 2000: Our Chieftain, Michael J. S. Egan has laid the framework for a Millennium Clan Rally for us next year in Ireland... A Rally is a combination of geography and people, a combination of old and new. Redwood Castle has been at the epicenter of Clan Egan...

1998 Rally

Annapolis, Maryland, June 19-22: Saint John's College in Annapolis, Maryland definitely was the place to be June 19-22 if you wanted a good time with fine people. The 1998 Gathering of the Clan Egan was the event and there were many Egans, Eagans, Eagens et al and their families in attendance. At the banquet there were one hundred, seventy of us in one room... New Leaders Elected At 1998 Rally.

1985 Reunion

Egan Clan Reunion - First in the United States: THE BREHONS were the law givers and judges of ancient Ireland. and among the most important of such families in the old Gaelic system were the Mac Aodagains. When the Clan Egan (and Eagen)gathers in Scranton this weekend for the first reunion to be held in the United States...